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With fifty acres total, and forty acres in pasture, we can provide a wide-range of turnout options in our 15 board-fenced paddocks. 

Whether your horse needs a flat field, hills for strength training, or a medicine paddock with limited grass, there is an option for nearly every horse.

Turnout and all care at Meadow Lark is highly individualized to best meet the needs of the horse.

Don’t let the cold and wet weather interrupt your training, join Meadow Lark for year round riding in our light and bright indoor!

The Barn

The healthiest barn environments allow for increased movement of both horses and air. For this reason, Clay and Marianne designed the barn for proper airflow and ideal air exchange rates.

The 14’ wide aisle is paved with rubber footers below a soaring 25’ clerestory with automated windows to improve ventilation and bring in natural light.

To provide optimal conditions for stabled horses, most stalls have access to a private dry lot to allow horses to go inside and out at will in all but the worst of conditions.

The stalls are lined in tongue and groove wood boards and feature Nelson automatic waterers to provide continuous fresh water. The stalls also feature exterior Dutch doors and an easy glide track system for the aisle doors.

In cold and inclement weather, the barn and dry lot doors can be closed to keep horses and boarders comfortable while still maintaining enough air circulation for the horse’s health.

Two heated wash-stalls, a bathroom, a temperature-controlled tack room with individual lockers, and washer/dryer complete the barn. For safety, ventilation and dust-control, hay and bedding are stored in an adjacent building.

All buildings are protected with an advanced heat detection and fire alarm system that immediately alerts the fire department and owners of excessive temperatures or smoke.

The Arenas

Whether your goal is to simply improve your riding or compete at the upper levels, good footing is critical to reduce concussion, improve traction, prevent injury and reduce dust. That is why we carefully selected FICS footing for the indoor and outdoor arenas.

The 80’ x 200’ indoor offers six hundred square feet of mirrors and automated sidewalls so that with the push of a button, the enclosed arena converts to a covered arena.

Both arenas are regularly dragged to maintain optimal conditions.

The 100’ x 220’ outdoor arena features all-weather footing and overlooks the beautiful Appalachian mountains.

Boarding at Meadow Lark

Stall Board

Board includes:

  • full use of facility
  • private or semi-private turnout
  • blanketing
  • daily hoof picking and wellness inspections
  • night checks
  • concentrate feeding up to 3 times/day
  • free choice orchard grass and alfalfa hay as needed.

Stall board is $1250/month.
Dry lots attached to stalls are an additional $150/month.

Pasture Board

Pasture board is available in our carefully managed 8 and 10 acre fields. Board includes:

  • quality grass
  • hay as needed
  • daily wellness checks
  • run-in-shed
  • automatic-heated waterers
  • full use of the facility.

Board is $650/month.
The cost is $500 for boarders with at least one horse in stall board.